Monday, June 1, 2015

Nepali Instagrammer - Lhakyila | Cheten Chu

     Nepali Instagrammer - Lhakyila

Hello everyone,how have you all been? I am very sorry for not updating quite a while. Recently we had earthquake here in Nepal so everything here was a mess but now our normal life has already kicked in. Enough about me if you're reading this comment below which country you're from I want to know.

Basically today's post is different from what I usually do. It's about a Nepali Instagrammer - Lhakyila, who has gained her loyal fans of 15.2 k through her hilarious videos on Instagram. She started making Instagram videos not very long ago and has already reached fans equivalent to Nepali stars. If you've been through her videos then you know what I mean. She has a very rare talent, here in Nepal people with talent don't come out strong either because they're shy or they I don't really know why. But Lhakyila's talent is not hidden. If you get this to 1000 views then I'll have an exclusive meeting arranged with her.

This was just short introduction so let me know if you want to hear more from her in the comment below also follow her on instagram - "lhakyila" and comment ~ "Apple pie" on her videos if you go through her instagram from here.

Stalk her here -